Forestry Mulcher Service

Forestry Mulcher Land Clearing

Do you have a property near the water but can’t see it due to overgrown brush? Or maybe you just purchased a big lot but can’t even imagine your dream home there due to all the brush, vines, and saplings. Forestry mulching can clear all that away leaving you with nothing but tall trees and a beautiful view.

How is Forestry Mulching Different?

Whereas traditional land clearing uses multiple machines, forestry mulching is a method to clear land that uses one machine to cut and grind the vegetation (brush and trees). It is different than many land clearing services in this area because it does not leave behind sticks, stumps or big holes. We use our mulcher to go over the ground numerous times to turn all the debris into a fine mulch. That means there are no deep ruts in your property and the rich topsoil is preserved; and this prevents erosion so it can be used for planting grass and farming.

Our forestry mulcher is used for clearing land for new construction sites, passage ways for pipeline and power lines, and wildfire prevention and management. Mulching is also used for brush control and vegetation management.

Forestry Mulching Saves You Money

Forestry mulching is fast! We can clear a lot in a matter of hours, not days. This makes it a very cost effective way to clear land. No bulldozing and no burning. It also eliminates the need to haul away and dispose of the debris. A rough estimate depending on terrain and the thickness of the brush and trees is $800-$2,000 for a ½ acre.

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